The White Guy Lives

Shakespeare… When you hear that name do you just think of some dead guy that got famous from writing some rubbish? I know what your thinking ‘this kid is so not swagger, he ain’t dope and he defiantly ain’t no lad – he just some dude that uses rubbish english that makes no sense’.Think again. Shakespeare is so much more than just a dead white guy, he is the person that defined todays society through many things he introduced during his plays especially love and relationships.

Now, we all love a good romance (don’t even try to deny it boys), and we have Shakespeare to thank for creating the most famous love story ever written.. (no i’m not talking about The Fault in Our Starts) but i’m talking about Romeo and Juliet. You may not even know it, many ideas of love originate from Shakespeare. He teaches his readers through Romeo and Juliet one of the most important lessons that is brought to life today and that is; love conquers all (not saying you need to die for someone to prove you love them).

Romeo and Juliet revolves around love (duhhh) and relationships with both yourself and others. William conveyed love as ‘worth dying for’, you probably think i’m crazy but think to your self, have you ever heard people say ‘I’d die with out you?’ this is because the person saying and is inferring you are their Romeo or Juliet. (See this guy is still relevant)

(Romeo and Juliet, consists of feuding families, where the two people meet at a party and fall in love. They marry the next day to avoid a marriage arranged by her parents, she fakes her own death. Romeo, doesn’t know Juliet’s death is faked, so he commits suicide at her grave. Juliet then wakes up and finds Romeo dead next to her, so she stabs her self so they may be together.)

When i mentioned partying and parents and boy/girl you freaked out, don’t worry i know you’ve been there (forbidden romances always make the best stories even today). The marriage part is a little weird but hey the story is ancient. The moral of the story is not that they both die. It’s that they die for each other and to be together. (Remember this is just a story, please do not try this at home)

Don’t believe in that kind of love ? Read this Yes yes i know i’m right, it’s a modern day Romeo and Juliet ! Still not convinced ? Watch this, maybe Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams will convince you. Now that you see ,the love that is conveyed through Williams plays is relevant listen to what he has to say about love in his other plays;

“love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.”  – A Midsummer Nights Dream

Ever had a friend say to you ‘Ew why do you like him/her’ just know all you have to do is recite this quote from William Shakespeare and you have your answer. Today society is telling us our physical appearances are the most important thing about us, automatically diminishing self confidence and causing anxiety and self esteems to drop. William is telling us the opposite, he is saying people should love you for who you are and not what you look like. Don’t you just wish people read a little more William Shakespeare before they decide to go to war based on race, religion or ethnicity ?

“Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.” Twelfth Night

People often say ‘love creeps up on you when you least expect it’, once again relating to Williams writing. You can search for love and find it, but love is best being found without prioro intensions to search or go looking for it. This is a common messaged conveyed even in today’s society. (It hits you in the face)

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” A Midsummer Nights Dream

Love isn’t easy, Shakespeare isn’t trying to cherry coat it or make it out to be something it isn’t. Love is difficult if it were easy the world’s divorce rate would be so much lower. One of the main properties of love is to push through the tough times to test your love and limits. Shakespeare is preparing us for the common truth; that love is no fairy tale, but it can be at times, but love is still difficult and if it’s true it will persevere. For students love is always confusing, whether it’s because you’ve been in lust not love, or your parents are going through a tough time. William Shakespeare is able to give everyone hope and he tries to teach us the truth about love and even today we can relate to his work for inspiration and hope.

Shakespeare may be a dead white guy, but his teachings of love are still highly relevant

even through the everyday expressions of love we see today.

  • Shelby Pannell