Although students may think that learning about William Shakespeare is a huge waste of time well you would actually be surprised at how much of an impact that he still has on our lives today through so Bl7yDc7CAAAfR9Emany different ways.

One reason why it is important for us as students to learn about William Shakespeare in this day and age is because believe it or not William Shakespeare had a huge impact on many movies and drama thats you see on your tv and/or on a stage. An example that most kids or teenagers would of heard of is Romeo and Juliet. The reason most of you have probably heard about is because many of the movies that you see are kind of based off the same concept this concept is that there is a guy and a girl that can’t be together because there fathers are at war so they have to keep it a secret in order to keep seeing each other. This relates to many other movies but not in the exact same way but quiet similar, for example The Note Book and Twilight. These movies and many other are all based on the same concepts as Romeo and Juliet that Shakespeare wrote in 1594.

William Shakespeare is still relevant in our time because works deal with the human nature which even with many hundreds of years still has only slithy altered since his time therefore our human nature includes what there human nature included hundreds of years ago like ambition, jealousy, unawareness, need of power, fear of death and many other things in our human nature. This was all relevant in William Shakespeare time as well as it is in our modern society. This human nature is shown through his writing and the human nature of his characters, this shows us students that even though we may think that it is a waste of our time if you actually take it for what it is you will begin to realise that it really does relate to our modern society today through many ways.

Even 400 years ago power was still relevant as it is today. William Shakespeare wrote the play Hamlet who was a soldier who got promoted and then felt power and was literally backstabbing (killing them) until he killed the king and he became king himself, even after Hamlet became king he was still so worried that someone would take his power so he kept on just killing people. This relates quiet well to society but not in the actual killing part but the part about him back stabbing people to gain more power. Although we may not be literally killing people we still do back stab people to get a promotion even though they may get in trouble or even fired for what you said. An example of this is the President that we have right now Malcolm Turnbull who through Tony Abbott under the bus to gain the position of president. Power was relevant in the time of William Shakespeare and is still relevant in our time either if we like it or not.

The Lion Kings Plot is based on Hamlet: 

The Lion King

One Movie that is based off of Shakespeare’s well known play Romeo and Juliet is West Side Story which is much the same a girl and a guy want to get together and are forced apart due to where they live. This is related in our modern society believe it or not. Not the love stuff but the part how just because you are a certain race or in a certain group you can’t be seen with other people one example of where this is an extreme case is all of the gangs not mainly in Australia but more in America where if you are caught talking to another gang member from a different group you will be punished or even worse may be even killed. Another case in which this happens is with different races which is awful because just because some is Black or someone has white skin does mean that you are any more important or any less important as the other person. This is why Shakespeare’s play are very relevant in our modern society.

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Some examples of shows that shakespeare wrote:images

Hamlet (1600-1601)

Romeo and Juliet (1594-1595)

Julis Caesar (1599-1600)

King Lear (1605-1606)

Timon of Athens (1607-1608)

Othello (1604-1605)

images-1These are just some of many plays and poems that William Shakespeare wrote, that
are still relevant in our modern society and will be for a very long time.

Even 400 years ago when this iconic man was alive there life was much the same as ours is today. There are powerful people, lovers and many other things. One huge thing that he did in his plays where having women play as men and men play women, this is showing William Shakespeare express of women and men equality through his plays. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages .” This is one of o-SHESTHEMAN-570William Shakespeare’s quotes showing equality between men and  women and that they are equal.

If you are sitting in English and think your teacher is wasting your time learning about William Shakespeare like I did a little while back then really just think about how much input he has had on us as a modern society.1