Is William Shakespeare relevant to today?

When asked who William shakespeare is,  most People  in the educated world would say, “oh he’s that that sick old dead dude who wrote a lot of fresh plays, like Romeo and Juliet  and  spoke in a weird version of english.”  His name and some basic knowledge about him has stayed well known, over 400 years after his death. As a playwright, he’s stayed up to date, because he wrote plays with themes like love, loyalty and fantasy, that have stayed relevant 400 years after his death.  Shakespeare has also created many words and sayings in the english language, that we still use today.

The Themes

The themes used in shakespeare are still completely relevant to todays world, our technology may have advanced but when it comes to human behaviour we have progressed as much as a monkey. One of the major themes he used in his plays was love and romance, and his most well known play, romeo and Juliet was about love. Love and romance is something that everyone was interested in 400 years ago and in todays the interest has probably increased.   Some of the popular types of love stories are forbidden love, unrequited love, separation of lovers and heart break.Shakespeare demonstrates many of these love tragedies his plays, which makes his plays so funny, heart breaking and completely update to the time. With 1 in 3 marriages ending, heart break is a huge factor in todays relationships, and like the tragic ending to romeo and Juliet, there is a lot of heart break in shakespeare plays. Another thing which makes his  plays about love so brilliant is how  everyone can relate to some level. Maybe not to  the extent which is shown in the movies, and it’s maybe not “love” that young people feel, but they can they still relate to the liking of someone. Just to prove how update his themes are, the updated 1996 version of romeo and Juliet, a play and now movie based on love and romance, grossed over 145 million dollars worldwide. Shakespeare also explores themes such as loyalty, mercy and forgiveness and Fantasy. Which are all things, I’m interested in and can relate to, to some degree.

The language

If you ever wanted  to ask someone how to insult someone, shakespeare would be the man to ask. With countless insults spread thought his work, some of my favourites are :  “Deep, hollow, treacherous, and full of guile,” “O disloyal thing, that should’st repair my youth, thou heap’st a years age on me”  and “Hang yourself, you muddy conge” If you thought insults and swearing was a modern day thing, you were wrong. Shakespeare has countless insults and swear words scattered throughout his work, if you want a to learn so new ways to swear GO READ SHAKESPEARE. William Shakespeare has also changed the way we use english language, he has created many words and saying that we still use to this day. If you want to say shakespeare isn’t relevant you should stop saying these words because you wouldn’t want to use words that weren’t relevant now. And if you want to stay up to date with todays society, you should stop swearing and insulting people. Because shakespeare did that 400 years ago and he so not relevant or cool. You see, to say shakespeare isn’t relevant, would be to say that parts of the english language we use today, isn’t either.

The Hollywood Screen Writer

Hamlet – The Lion King – Grossed $987,483,777 Worldwide

Taming of the shrew- 10 thing I hate about you- Grossed $53,478,166   Worldwide

Romeo and Juliet- Romeo and Juliet ( 1996 film) – Grossed $147,554,998   Worldwide

Romeo and Juliet- Westside story – Grossed $43,656,822

Twelfth night – She’s the man – Grossed $57,194,667 Worldwide

Othello – O (2001) – Grossed $19,210,835 worldwide

Thrilling storylines and great characters have allowed Shakespeare plays to be rewritten into modern day text. Movies based of shakespeare’s plays have made more the 1.3 billion dollars worldwide with lion king being the number 1 G rated film of 1994. Shakespeare may have died along time ago, but his  legacy and plays still live on. To say his plays aren’t relevant, when countless movies that we enjoy are based of them, is to say a writer in hollywood isn’t relevant. Because that what he has now become, he writes these great scripts and then someone edits them and creates amazing movies. One of my favourite plays which was created into a movie was

taming of the shrew into 10 things I hate about you. The to daughters take on the exact characteristics that was written in the taming if the shrew and it also shows a comedic side, present to in shakespeare. It also shows the story of the males characters trying to win the hand of Bianca, and a crazy person trying to win the hand of Kat.

Shakespeare is a true genius. By writing plays on themes that we can still hold true to today, creating words and saying that are now common in the english language and writing great stories that when “edited” make over 1.3 billion dollars, it’s hard to argue against the fact, that he is still relevant today’s society.