William Shakespeare. A name recognised by almost every human being. To me, I see him as a normal human being that came up with a few plays and somehow became famous. But somehow, even after 451 long years, he and his plays are still relevant to today’s society, how this happened, I did some research and this is what I found…

One of the reasons as to why Shakespeare is somehow relevant to today’s society is that most of Shakespeare’s plays include timeless themes such as friendship, love and vengeance. In the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ we can see just how much the theme of love played (a huge part) in the famous play. Although this play actually falls under the genre of tragedy, the theme of love is important in showing the audience the full meaning of the play. To this day the theme of love in ‘Romeo and Juliet’ has made it the most popular play ever written, even though it was written over 400 years ago. Some examples are movies that are exactly the same as the play except set in modern times are West-side story, Gnome’o & Juliet and Dirty Dancing. If this play has inspired this many movie producers, it’s quite obvious that he’s still relevant in today’s society.

Another one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays written in 1603 is known as ‘Hamlet.’ It was re-written as a children’s movie 391 years later, this movie was known as ‘The Lion King.’ ‘Hamlet’ is known to have one of the best plots of all time from the creative way that Prince hamlet tried to use his uncle for the murder of his father. Hamlet was a normal character in the beginning, but as the play went on Hamlet became more aggressive and “power hungry.” ‘The Lion king’ kept the same storyline as ‘Hamlet’ but created a different experience by using new ways of entertainment through themes and language. Madness, mortality, women and political lively-hood are themes that made ‘Hamlet’ one of William Shakespeare’s most famous. But now days it’s famous because of the way it relates to modern society, even though it was written 400 years ago.

Another reason as to why William Shakespeare is important in today’s society is because of Shakespeare-Memes-3his language. Shakespeare invented around three THOUSAND words, which were added to the English language. Some examples of these words are bedroom, hint, swag, uncomfortable and assassination. If Shakespeare had never been alive the English language would not be as it is today and we might be using very different words in our everyday life.

I also found out that we use lots of Shakespeare’s quotes every day. His plays are filled to the top with quotes that we people use without knowing where on earth they came from. Some popular quotes of his that we still use today are: “Better three hours too soon than a minute too late,” and “Dogs of War” and “A heart of Gold”. Whoever’s reading this must have heard at least one of those lines. Another little fact is that 400-year-old Shakespeare is the most quoted person in the history of English literature, if not the whole world! So, now that you know that Shakespeare is responsible for so many common sayings or quotes this is added to the list of things that Shakespeare’s done in our lives.

Whoever’s reading this thing is probably thinking that this is enough proof as to why William Shakespeare is relevant in today’s society but I thought I should find one more just in case. This reason is that Shakespeare allowed women in the society that were viewed as less important than men, to be viewed equally if not more important then men in his plays. In the time that Shakespeare was alive men were seen as much more important and respected than women, except for the queen, and women were not allowed to do many things that men did, like going to school or having a job. Most young girls now days might think this would be a dream come true because you wouldn’t have to learn and you could sit around all day, but in reality, all women in the 15th century were used for was raising children and keeping their husband’s happy and their home clean. This all changed when Shakespeare came along.

Although women did not actually perform in these plays (they were played by men in women’s clothes) the actual characters that were women were not sidelined at all and actually played some very important roles in plays. Examples of women characters that played important roles are Lady Macbeth from Macbeth and Viola from Twelfth Night. Using the example of Lady Macbeth, Shakespeare gave power to this character and showed every one that women were capable of all the things men are, if not more.

So without William Shakespeare our society would still believe that women have no rites and that Men are superior to women, so all women should be very grateful of William Shakespeare,

Before creating this blog about Shakespeare I thought of him as an over rated play writer, but through research I found out what he has actually done for us. Hopefully this is enough to prove to you that that William Shakespeare is relevant in today’s society and that he is still worth learning about!