Shakespeare was born what year? sometime in the 1600’s? yeah  thats right! 400 years ago!!? What type of man is still relevant from 400 years ago. My GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT and so on……… GRAND PARENTS were maybe alive that long ago. I’m sure they did many great         no-shakespearethings too but they’re not relevant. Sure maybe shakespeare helped define culture, wrote some beautiful plays and stories, provided entertainment if not a little overdone, compelling characters and even if he is considered the best writer of ALL time. I do not believe the same. Shakespeare should be dropped and never heard of again. He is not relevant in anyway, he doesn’t even speak the same language. what is this “shakespearean” crap? no one says alack, thou, thy, ye, ene and etc…. as well as that no one even knows what this gibberish is. Most of his books were about politics and law, and nowadays the law has changed a lot. His writings are also not very relatable to modern times.

We aught to avaunt William Shakespeare in the betimes. We aught to have Fare thee Well to him ere. What a silly language, none of this language means anything in modern times. In fact if someone was to start speaking shakespearean society might think them a little crazy.1-300x163 Shakespearean isn’t conversational language. In todays society the majority of the english language is conversational. Imagine going up to someone in this modern society saying ‘how now, thee are attend in the morrow?’ the looks on peoples faces would be much of confusion and also thinking you might not be quite sane. In modern days that translates to ‘hello you are going along in the morning?’ No one speaks this way anymore! maybe in the old times it was acceptable but not anymore. Shakespeare had rocks in his head if he thinks this generations youth would understand what the heck he was on about! His speech is not relevant in any way! All a bunch of gibberish, overrated, unneeded, and especially perplexing nonsense!

Irrelevance, tragical, insane, perplexing, controversial, cultivated and political are words used to describe shakespeare’s plays, poems, stories and writings. Most are similar in some way as in a lot of the endings are often  tragic; Romeo and Juliet ends dramatically with both of them committing  suicide, Hamlet ends by Hamlet dying, Macbeth ends when his head is presented Malcolm who celebrates by having a party. Using these three examples (Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth) Irrelevance can be explained.romeojulietbyannieleibovitz7 Romeo and Juliet, ah the classic, is not relevant or relatable to this generation. Seriously how many people do you know that would kill themselves because the person they loved died? I highly doubt there would be anyone that would, also nowadays what families would hate each other so much they would disown their children for loving one another, not many, which is an absolutely and completely big nah-uh for relevance. Hamlet is another one of his insane writings, really? Hamlet becomes crazy after his fathers death and tries to take out Claudius? Throughout his insanity he kills an innocent man, gets sent off to England and makes a girl commit suicide? Although it doesn’t stop here! Claudius strikes AGAIN! seriously these characters need to get a grip, forgive forget and move on. anyway the story goes on to the point when Claudius and Hamlet both die tragically. Mmmmm to be quite honest i think shakespeare was the crazy one. Macbeth is probably one of the most perplexing plays I’ve ever heard about, it is not relatable, EXTREMELY gruesome, strange and especially insane. Number One: The main character kills a family, his wife kills herself, the family get revenge and have a party when his head is shown to the next king. Talk about confusing! The likeliness of this happening at all in modern times are slim to none. These three plays are not appropriate in todays society, they would be frowned upon and considered as unacceptable to really talk about. Shakespeare’s plays also have a lot of political meaning, families not liking each other, death, kings, and overthrowing. These are irrelevant because nowadays the politics and law have changed and have barely anything in common with the laws in the ‘betimes.’

I will give the guy credit for one thing though. His quotes are amazing! inspirational! Motivating! beautiful! creative! fantastic!imgres ‘better three hours too early rather than a minute too late’ ‘we know what we are but know not what we may be’ I would say that his quotes are the only things relevant to modern society. They are reflected throughout movies and books and are well known. His characters that were created may be reflected a little bit throughout movies today, but hey maybe those movies just thought of a brilliant idea, that was similar to shakespeare and used it because they thought it was their idea. Titanic, supposedly based on Romeo and Juliet does not have much in common with it at all. The characters don’t have the same name, the plot is very different, the setting is different. This goes for most of movies ‘supposedly based’ on shakespeare’s plays.

All in all William Shakespeare is irrelevant, irrational, BORING, old, and just another ‘dead white guy’ who should be left in the past. His plays are not relevant. I mean sure some people might be mistaken that some popular movies are based on his plays. But really the producers probablyurl just constructed a movie that happened to be a lot like Shakespeare’s plays. Ahhh his language might just pass as the biggest headache ever. Totally irrelevant, irrational and boring! What even? couldn’t find words to say so just invented the mumbly jumbly instead, words that are not even relevant in nowadays because they don’t even exist! And his plays jeezzz they’re a lot to take in, tragedy, politics but again none are relevant to modern society, as the laws have changed drastically, and nothing can be related to him. My theory is shakespeare was probably insane which is why all of his work ends tragically, and this explains the odd language, and also explains his ideas.

  • Yasmin Hunter