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  1. Many people today wonder if Shakespeare is still relevant today and why teachers make us students study a boring old white dead guy?

    To be honest all though we may not know why we are forced to study Shakespeare whether we like it or not if it wasn’t for Shakespeare, there are many great movies that would not exist. She’s The Man, 10 Things I Hate About You, Lion King and Romeo and Juliet are all moves based on different Shakespeare plays.

    Romeo and Juliet is one of the many Shakespeare plays that’s issues and characters are still relevant in society today. The issues that still exist in society today include the fact that many people hide relationships from there parents or family; and sadly people commit suicide either to be with a loved one or due to a loved one.

    Shakespeare’s plays have many themes where these can be reflected into people’s lives todays. Some of the main themes that become apparent throughout Shakespeare’s plays are Corruption, Power Struggles, Love, Hate, Appearance and Reality. All of these themes are still very relevant in todays society. Love and Hate is a human condition, many people experience love but also hate at times. In the movie 10 Things I Hate About You , the viewers see the hate between Joey and Kat, and how they do not get along at all. But we also see love between Kat and Patrick and Cameron and Bianca. Power struggles is made clear in the Taming of The Shrew and the move 10 Things I Hate About You as we see that in The Taming Of The Shrew Baptista Minola is controlling and will not let Bianca marry until Katerina is married. This can be seen in the movie as well as we see the dad not let Bianca date until Katerina is dating.
    Appearance and Reality is also still relevant to society today as everyone wants to have the latest shoes and make sure they always look good and are worried about what others think.

    The Character Petruchio in the play The Taming Of The Shrew is a dynamic character as we see him change throughout the play. He starts off by being paid to marry Katerina out but then he falls for her and she falls for him. This is also seen in the movie 10 things I Hate About You, the Character Patrick is paid to take Kat out, with no intentions of actually liking her, in the end they have both fallen in love with each other.

    In the play The Taming of The Shrew, Katerina, is the daughter of Baptista Minola and the sister to Bianca, who wants to get married but can’t unless her sister does. Katerina’s character is shown as a strong-minded, energetic and short tempered person. Katrina is the type of character that speaks what is on her mind and gives her personal opinion. Women like Katerina in Shakespeare’s time were totally disapproved off and called a Shrew. Hence the title The Taming Of The Shrew! Katerina is the type of women that stands up for what she believes in, this is also shown in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, which is based on this play. Katerina’s character is still relevant in today’s society as people today are standing up for what they believe in.

    This Link is a short clip showing, in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You when Kat expresses her mind!

    We all know the joke: ‘knock knock….Who’s there?. blah blah blah.’ Well as a matter of fact Shakespeare actually created that. It first appears in the play macbeth. Shakespeare also has many other phrases that people use in their everyday life such as: ‘In a pickle’. This means for those of you that don’t know: to be in a situation that is hard to get out of or to be in trouble. This first appeared in The Tempest play. Another one is ‘Break The Ice’, which means when you first meet someone you break the ice or silence and ask them polite questions about them selves. The play this emerged in is The Taming of The Shrew (10 things I hate about you). Another Phrase commonly still used is ‘seen better days’; this phrase is typically used when a person or a object is not in as good as condition as it has been before, there fore it/they have seen better days. All of these phrases were invented by Shakespeare years and years and years ago and are still being used today.

    Although we all think that shakespeare is still just a boring old dead white guy wether we like it or not he is still popular. Think about it how many times have people or you said/told you a knock, knock joke?. How many times and how good are all the movies that are based on his play? Just to list a few:
    -She’s The Man,
    -10 Things I Hate About You,
    -Lion King
    -Romeo and Juliet
    And plenty more! And seriously Romeo and Juliet was one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s first major movies, THANK YOU SHAKESPEARE!!
    Whether we like it or not Shakespeare is still relevant to modern students and is easily still popular in today’s society.

    Here is a link of a debate as to whether or not Shakespeare should still be taught!.


  2. Great blog kaz ! I totally agree with what you saying. You have used great examples to back up your statement that Shakespeare is still relevant in todays society ! You have also made it very interesting for us to read and it not get bored half way through. Although I do not agree in the last paragraph as you said “we all think that shakespeare is still just a boring old dead white guy” If we all did a little research about him and his language and his plays majority of us wouldn’t think of him as a old dead white guy. People might’ve just said that as they do not know much about him or the great language he has invented.

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  3. Good job Karis! I really like you blog. I liked how you kept it related to things we know like ’10 Things I Hate About You’ and didn’t just talk about his old plays. The themes you focussed on were great choices, same with Shakespeare’s language. Your blog is really clear about why Shakespeare is still relevant and is really persuasive and convincing. It really kept my attention and was interesting to read.


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