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  1. William Shakespeare English Blog
    Created By Laura Golding

    Let’s all face the fact when we rock up to our english class and the first sentence our teacher says to us is involves “Shakespeare” we all sigh and roll our eyes because Shakespeare involves acting, reading, history and that weird, fancy language that does not make sense but most of all it’s super boring. Well I’m here to change your opinion on William Shakespeare and to prove to you that he is not just another dead white guy, that he intact is extremely relevant to modern school students because believe it or not Shakespeare’s got SWAG!!!!!

    My name is Laura Golding. I am the author and composer of this blog page. This page was constructed by one simple question “Is William Shakespeare relevant to modern students” I will List my reasoning as to why I believe Shakespeare’s work is still relevant – however ultimately it is up to you to decide your final opinion.
    (Fingers crossed it’s that yes, he is relevant)

    William Shakespeare’s Early Life
    In early life William Shakespeare was born on April 26 1564. It is thought to be believed that William attended Stratford Grammar School (although no legal documents have been found). Shakespeare’s career began when he released his first play and comedy in 1590 the play is known as the “Comedy of Errors,” Shakespeare’s play’s were placed into three important (major categories); Tragedies, Comedies and Histories.

    Wanna explore more about Shakespeare:
    Check out more of Shakespeare’s work:

    Did you know that some of your favourite and most recently created movies are inspired by Shakespeare? Some awesome and hilariously funny movies that you may have encountered over the years and may have throughly enjoyed are indeed Shakespeare inspired movies, bet you didn’t see that coming!
    10 Things I Hate About You (The Taming of the Shrew)
    Originally Taming of the Shrew was written by Shakespeare between 1590 an5d 1592. The movie was composed in 1999, the plot of the movie is that Bianca cannot date until her older more shrewish sister Katherina dates, so Bianca sets out to find a perfect boyfriend for her sister. Bianca hires Cameron James and Michael Eckman to get the most fierce boy in school Patrick Verona who in many ways is extremely similar to Katherina she is just to caught up in her own little games, to realise.
    In many ways the move is similar to the original Shakespearian play. The summery of the play is that Petruichio a money obsessed, wife hunter changes Katherina into a young obedient, sweet (trophy wife). The play was one of Shakespeare’s first comedies and is still performed to this day. Taming of the Shrew is important to young girls – it is important because it is breaking gender stereo types in which in modern society is very important basically it is saying that you are free to be any one you want to be.

    She’s The Man (The Twelfth Night)
    “Every body has a secret, Duke wants Olivia who likes Sebastian who is really Viola whose brother is dating Monique so she hates Olivia who’s dating Duke to make Sebastian jealous who is really Viola who’s crushing on Duke who thinks she’s a guy…. SO COMPLICATED, RIGHT?”
    (Theatrical Release Poster ( She’s The Man) 2005)

    Viola Hastings, a young teenage girl is a soccer loving fanatic however when discovers her high school soccer program is cutting off girls team she is extremely distort and once her request to play along side the boys team fails, Viola seeks out her twin brother Sebastian in which they are identically alike. She takes her brothers position at a soccer academy for boys. Along the way Viola transforms into Sebastian to enable her to play with the boys team and prove her point – girls can do what boys do. The movie was originally composed in 2006 and the play in 1601 Shakespeare wrote this play as entertainment for the public. The main characters of the play were Viola, Malvolio, Olivia, Duke and Orsino. The play was very much the same as the movie in depth. Once again the Twelfth Night is performed today through theatre and school.

    I believe that Shakespeare is relevant to modern society, his relevance is demonstrated through; schooling, drama and theatre and also modern day movies like the examples listed. If Shakespeare was not relevant it would not be in education curriculum plans or I guarantee that producers would not be making modern day movies for example The Lion King.

    Laura Golding

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  2. Dear Laura,
    Great work on your blog it made me smile. I defiantly agree that Shakespeare is relevant to modern students even though it involves acting,reading, history and that. I like how you introduced yourself and engaged the reader. Great choice in the movies that you picked to review especially 10 Thing I Hate About You. I love it.


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