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    Different people have different opinions about Shakespeare and whether his teachings are still relevant today. I strongly believe that Shakespeare is still relevant in modern society and to contemporary students. By looking through his plays in more depth I come to realise how important his storylines and themes are and how often they occur in modern society.

    Shakespearean Language
    During the 17th century, Shakespeare’s language was relevant to everybody. It’s still important to this day, but not as much as it used to be. Shakespeare himself has invented several insults during his time for example,“I do desire we may be better strangers” translated into modern language he is basically saying that I don’t think we should be friends anymore. If we were to use that wording to one of our friends they may be a bit confused as nobody says insults like that. Majority of his insults there are out dated and to use them in this modern society you would be considered crazy because people would have trouble understanding what they mean.

    Romeo and Juliet
    Romeo and Juliet is known for being one of the most romantic movies. There have been many versions of the play made and this has helped modern society and students have a better understanding of it’s meaning as some of the people find it extremely hard to understand, the use of Shakespeare’s terms and language. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play is still relevant today and to the modern students because we have all experienced at least some of the themes portrayed in this play, for example love.

    Shakespeare portrays Romeo as a depressed teenager as he smokes, drinks and acts like the world does not exist anymore all because he claims that his love of his life has left him and does not return his fondness. This is still applicable in modern society as guys and girls both get very emotional and depressed when their special friend has left them for good. Teenagers then try to get over it by drinking, taking drugs and putting themselves in a bad position which is very hard to get out of.

    Shakespeare liked to portray Romeo as a romantic guy, who loved to impress a girl. For example when he used lines from vary poems to express his feelings to Juliet. It’s very hard for me to say that this still happens today, because it rarely does! Juliet is considered still relevant today and to the modern students as she was known to be rebellious, she always stood up to her parents and majority of the time refused to take orders from them. In modern society we all should have at least once gone through our rebellious stage to get what we wanted, we also stand up to our parents because they often say no we can’t go and see that friend or no you can’t go out today!

    Romeo and Juliet portrays many different themes for example Love and Hatred. Love is one of the most important themes as the Montague’s and Capulets are the worst enemies and can not stand each other, but Juliet and Romeo still risk their whole loves to love each other and to be with each other.

    Taming of The Shrew
    Taming of the shrew is widely known as ’10 Things I Hate About you’. Shakespeare has portrayed a wide variety of characters and themes in the play. The main character Katherine is recognised for being easily angered and having a very bad temper, She always insults and treats men with disrespect. This could easily compare to teenagers in modern society depending on their hormonal changes. There are also many solutions to why she is so unhappy, one reason could be that she is jealous because she felt like her father gave more attention to her sister rather than her. I think in many families this might happen where your mum favours your other sibling but she doesn’t mean to and all you want is for her to be your favourite. Despite all the humiliations that Petruchio adds to her life she has a reason to be angry all the time.

    Petruchio is a completely different character to Katherine. Shakespeare has characterised Petruchio to be the bragging, selfish character that nobody liked, but he thought that he was loved by everyone. Petruchio is not a big fan on marriage he treats it as an act of domination. This is rarely relevant to modern teenagers and to the modern society because teenagers this generation find marriage very important and as a significant part of their life and majority of the students would not act like it is because of power.

    Bianca is the Katherine’s sister, She has a different character from her sister as she represents herself as a gentle and softly spoken girl who does not show her anger as easily as Katherine.. Bianca is interested in boys but however her father will not let her marry until Katherine gets married first. That is something that is not relevant today as sisters do not have to wait for the elder one to get married first they can get married when ever they want to .

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    • Hey Mikaela, I really liked the point you made and the way you wrote them in. The way you wrote is very engaging to a teenager. You did a good job of relating the blog entry to the question. I really liked the way you were direct in what you said and didn’t repeat yourself throughout the post. I liked the way you also put in that the original Shakespeare writing are difficult to understand but how the themes are still relevant. I really enjoyed reading your blog and it was very enlightening and good

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