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  1. Yes I do completely agree that William Shakespeare and his works are important to todays society. Shakespeare is the most widely read and studied author in the English language and for a good reason.
    William shakespeare successfully created one thousand seven hundred new common english words, a very large fraction of the modern english language. you might think that his language is complicated and difficult to understand, and should not be used today but his plays should, if studied, at least be translated into modern grammar. But his language can be used in the modern world if people want to use it. Shakespeare originally used his language to make plays sound good, not to make sense so it can be a good idea to either learn his language style or not care about how hard it is to understand. In the nineteen ninety six movie Romeo & Juliet(set in the modern 1996 world), director Baz Luhrmann has used William Shakespeare’s original Romeo & Juliet script for the entire movie. The fact that the script made sense and made an entertaining movie means shakespeare’s language is not outdated, boring or nonsensical.
    His plays are also very important to todays world because in them he has used universal themes that are still relevant to the modern world. In his romantic comedy play Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare tries to persuade the audience into believing his theme that love can be complicated. In the play, Viola tries to fake her identity and become a man to try and get into the local dukes court after her ship has wrecked on the Illyrian coastline. The duke is in love with one of his counts, Olivia and after sending viola disguised as Cesario to visit the count to convince her that the duke is a good man Olivia ends up falling in love with ‘Cesario’ (actually viola) who in turn falls in love with Duke Orsino. This complicated love triangle is a theme loved by 16th century englishmen. The 2006 movie titled ‘She’s The Man’ shows how this theme is still relevant in the modern world. The movies plot is that Viola hastings is refused signing up for her schools football team as she is a girl, this makes her angry and so she decides to disguise as her brother sebastian( who is currently away) and join his school in hopes of joining their football team and humiliating her former school. She then finds her self in love with her new room mate who is in love with another girl at school, and this girl is now in love with ‘sebastian’ (viola). This movie shows how shakespeare’s love triangle romantic comedy theme is still relevant to the modern world as it is an enjoyable theme that can be loved by modern people. And so he should be taught in schools as he is still relevant and not outdated.
    Another of his plays, taming of the shrew, also has themes that fit into modern culture. The themes of this play are that a young girl wants to get married, but her dad will not allow it until her older sister marries. The men who would like to marry her sister then team up to try to find a husband for her so they can marry the younger of the two. The nineteen ninety nine movie 10 things I hate about you takes these themes into a modern perspective as a high school girl is not allowed to date boys until her older sister decides to date, as she has no intentions of doing so the boys who want to date the younger girl organise someone the older girl for their own benefits.This movie shows how shakespeare themes are still relevant when placed in the situation of a modern world.

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  2. joshuabeavan said:

    Hey Oisin,
    I also believe that his plays are important in todays society and that his plays have had a large impact on modern day writers. The language he used in his plays is hard to understand but threw studying his writing style it starts to make sense. As you said his plays are important as they uses universal themes. I really understood some of you key points throughout your blog and I think that you have done a really good job. I found that your blog was very interesting to read.

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